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Open for In-Person or Online Lessons!

We offer lessons for: Piano, Voice/Singing, Guitar, Violin, Viola, Clarinet, Saxophone, Brass, and Preschool Music. We are at 2125 Wabash Avenue.

Why Terre Haute Music School is Indiana’s #1 choice for music lessons

Terre Haute Music School is one of the fastest-growing music lesson academies in the nation. We not only teach Guitar, Piano, Voice, Strings, Brass, woodwinds, drums & Banjo, but we provide lifelong lessons that you can take with you to the real world. Our music lessons are for all ages from kids, teens, & adults to senior citizens. Several of our students travel from all over the Indianapolis area including Carmel, Zionsville, Westfield, Fishers, Noblesville, Sheridan, Lebanon, and Avon.

We teach Guitar, Piano, Singing, Voice, Violin, Viola, Saxophone, Clarinet, & Brass Lessons

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12 Benefits Of Becoming A Terre Haute Music School Student!


1. Guitar, bass, voice, strings, drums, piano, strings, woodwind,  and brass lessons in ONE location!

All of these instruments are offered in one place. This saves our students time and money, as one family can take multiple instruments on the same day. Other studios offer multiple instruments, but we are the only one to offer all of the most popular instruments in a high-quality, convenient environment. We welcome all beginners and all levels--no matter what your age!

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2. Qualified Teaching and Music Instruction

Highly educated music teachers, some with over 30 years of teaching experience. In addition, our teachers want to help you learn the styles you WANT to play. We will talk to your child to find out exactly what his/her goals are and work to make those happen.


3. The widest range of music lesson times available six days a week

We are the only music school in the Wabash Valley that offers music lessons six days a week from early in the morning to late at night to accommodate your busy schedule.

Open Monday through Friday from 9am - 8pm and 
Saturdays from 10am - 3pm!

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4. In-person and online options

You can choose to take lessons at our location or online lessons from the comfort of your home. This ensures that you or your child is safe while given the flexibility to continue their music education.


5. Free weekly theory classes

Saturday theory classes are available FREE to all registered students. Many studios charge an additional fee for this instruction. Our studio cares about developing the full talent and potential of a child and has minimum cost to the parent.

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6. A spacious and comfortable waiting lounge for our clients

Instead of waiting in a music retail store showroom, our clients enjoy a spacious, professional lobby with comfortable chairs, Wi-Fi, and bottled water. We also provide observation doors and closed circuit cameras so that you can watch your child's lesson while you wait. Or if you prefer, you can sit in on their lesson anytime you like.


7. Large technologically advanced music lesson rooms

Our large and spacious music teaching rooms add to our students' premium lesson experience. Every lesson room is fully equipped with everything you need for your learning and playing success! This allows our students to have a modern and engaging lesson using the best music teaching equipment, or you can "Bring Your Own Device" to your lesson. No other school offers this technology!

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8. FREE music recitals and/or concerts held multiple times a year!

Every artist or artist's parent wants to know how they or their child is doing and if they are really progressing. The best way for a parent to understand if their investment in lessons is really worth it, is to participate in a live performance. We offer more performance opportunities than any other music school or studio in the Wabash Valley with 2 formal recitals, 11 mini-recitals, area teacher recitals, and retirement home recitals every year. More performances help students learn to deal with stage-fright. Many studios charge a “recital fee” to participate. All our performances are FREE to registered students.

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9. Conveniently located near YOU

Located on popular Wabash Avenue, our studio is less than a mile from Indiana State University and downtown Terre Haute. We have free parking in the front of the building. For students traveling long distances or during bad weather conditions, you can elect to have your music lesson online. ​

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10. Achievement & reward system

We are the only school in the Wabash Valley licensed to use the Musical Ladder award system. Students earn certificates, wristbands, and trophies when they pass their tests. You can watch your child's progress!

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11. Lessons for children of all ages

We offer lessons for all children in the family. Our Wee Musicians classes are for ages 1-6 years. Private and group lessons are available for ages 5 and up.


12. Month to Month lessons

Our desire is to inspire our students with the love of music. We do this through teachers and music that our students love. Unlike other programs, we do not require semester minimums for lessons. You can begin anytime!

If you are ready to start, you have nothing to lose as we only want students who truly want to be here and we will not commit you to a long-term contract.

Meet the director

Welcome to Terre Haute Music School! We are pleased that you are considering music lessons!  Research has shown that we are all born with an aptitude for music, and we are here to nurture it!

I just know you will love our program as soon as you give it a try. Our 2400 square-foot building is centrally located in Terre Haute and spacious enough to provide many high-quality music lessons. Our goal is to help your child reach their potential on their instrument, and develop a lifelong love of music!

To accomplish our goal, we offer music lessons for students of all ages and abilities, as well as music classes for young beginners. Music students learn to both read music and play by ear. Music theory and musicianship are emphasized with every student to help them reach their full potential. Many performance opportunities exist – monthly musicales, semester recitals, piano festivals, and competitions. In addition, there are theory classes that are free to all enrolled students.


The preschool music classes offered at Terre Haute Music School are designed to nurture the child’s music aptitude by engaging children and their families in singing and movement activities which help attune the ear, refine the voice, and develop a rhythmic body through which music can be expressed. Additionally, instrumental activities are part of the program, ranging from playing simple rhythm instruments such as sticks and drums for babies and toddlers to playing keyboards for older children.

As you familiarize yourself with our class offerings, we look forward to answering your questions and welcoming your family into our music studio.

Lynette Browne

Founder and owner

Terre Haute Music School


Ready to start? You have nothing to lose!

Sign-up is easy and parent-friendly, with helpful staff at the front desk six days a week to serve you. Because we only offer lessons on a month-to-month basis, there are no large upfront payments, no complicated contracts, no annual material or performance fees, and no semester minimums.


$95 / month

Lessons are available six days a week, and scheduled once a week for 30-minutes or an hour.

A one-time registration fee is $25 (due only at the time of registration)

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